Saturday, September 12, 2009

Former Ireland boss Kerr criticises Trapattoni

Former Ireland boss Brian Kerr has again criticised Current Ireland manager Giovanni Trapattoni over his stewardship of the national side. Kerr said Trapattoni’s idea of watching players club games on DVD was a “load of baloney”. He added that for the Italian to attend ‘a dinner here and there’ displayed little regard for the well-being of Irish football in general.

Speaking to Brendan Crossan in today’s Irish News Kerr said “I don’t think Trapattoni does himself any favours by not going to watch players playing, I genuinely think the manager has a duty to be interested in the well-being of the overall game instead of going to the odd dinner here and there.”

He continued “I don’t think Trapattoni has any interest in the development of Irish football, but that’s up to him and he probably took the job on those terms. Maybe other people don’t share that view. He picks a team for a match and that’s it.”

On the issue of Liam Brady & Marco Tardelli covering most of the scouting needs in Britain and sending DVD’s of games to Trapattoni, Kerr said “ I think it’s a load of baloney because you can’t see the players properly in terms of what they do, or where they move to in a game. I don’t care what age you are or how much experience you have, you need to see the players by attending games.”

“Other people’s opinions are not the same as yours because you have in your own mind what you’re looking for. But look, they’re doing fine and I’d let them at it..”

And speaking about Ireland’s chances of reaching next years World Cup finals in South Africa Kerr commented “It looks now that they’ve a good chance of beating some of the other play-off teams, but you wouldn’t want to be playing France or Portugal”

“To some degree, Irish people will put up with anything as long as they get to the World Cup finals. The media are more critical…The reality is we have an exaggerated view of our players because they’re playing in English football and are on our television screens”

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