Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ireland Euro 2012 - a musical extravaganza!

With only a couple of weeks to go until the 20,000+ Green Army leaves home shores for Euro 2012, it would seem that we have as many Ireland Euro 2012 songs as we have travelling fans.

Some are great, some are decent & some are...well...different!

So for your enjoyment i've linked below a selection of all the above mentioned.

What's good? What's not so good? and what needs a little more work? :)

Let us know what you think on our One Team In Ireland Twitter page & we'll post your favourites

The Rocky Road To Poland - Official Republic Of Ireland Song for Euro 2012

The Rockier Road To Poland - Shane MacGowan, The Aftermath & Friends

I-R-E-L-A-N-D! The Offside Trap - feat. MC Eoin Goal (Ireland Euro 2012)

Ireland Euro 2012 song - BOYS IN GREEN - Rory and the island (ft. Sharon Shannon)

Ireland Soccer Anthem Euro 2012 - Trapp and the Lads!

A Dark Horse - Take Me Home

All Is Possible (Just Can't Get Enough)

The Proud-Emerald Army (Party)-Official Fan Video

Euro 2012 Irish football song,"We're on the way" by Owen Branagan

Unofficial Irish Euro 2012 Song - The Genuine Articles

Ireland Euro 2012 song - My Fair Land

IRELAND Euro 2012 Song (Whiskey N Mc'Gra)

THE CELTIC ROAR Ireland Euro 2012 soccer anthem

Three Colours Euro 2012


Ireland Anthem EURO 2012 - Ambitious Minds by The Positronics

Ireland Euro 2012 Football Song - Ireland All The Way

Cead Mille Grazie Trapatonni (Song for Euro 2012)

'Road to Euro 12' Song for the Republic of Ireland

24 Years (We're going to win the Euros) Ireland EURO 2012