Thursday, December 3, 2009

Charlize Theron mocks FIFA with Ireland ball

At this stage we all accept that it is the nearest Ireland will get to the World Cup draw.

Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron (34) yesterday pulled an 'Ireland' ball out of the bowl during a rehearsal for the much-anticipated draw, which will take place in Cape Town tomorrow. Ms Theron, whose long-term partner is Irish actor Stuart Townsend, pulled out the 'Ireland' ball instead of a 'France' ball. No doubt the discredited president of FIFA Sepp Blatter would not have seen the funny side as his organisation and its Fair Play code have been badly tarnished by Blatter's support for Henry and his recent admission that he cheated himself as an amateur player, and found it acceptable behaviour.

Theron was having a laugh at FIFA's expense after the recent Contraversy when Thierry Henry helped cheat his way to the World Cup finals in the play-off game against Ireland.

"Yes, she did, but it was only a joke," FIFA general secretary Jerome Valcke said.

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