Friday, November 20, 2009

Trapattoni vents his fury at FIFA

Ireland manager Giovanni Trapattoni has vented his fury at FIFA in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport.

'I would like to know what have I done to (Sepp) Blatter,' Trapattoni said. 'If he explains it to me at least I would be calm.

'I often go to schools and speak of fair play. Perhaps I am a dreamer. FIFA has violated the rules imposing top seeded teams in the play-offs. It's treachery.

'I think even (UEFA president Michel) Platini was against this revolution.'

Trapattoni continues to play Wednesday's events over and over in his mind.

'There's this double handball from Henry on Gallas' goal and on top of that (Sebastien) Squillaci was offside,' Trapattoni said.
'It's murder.

'Even a blind man would have seen the double handball by Henry. The linesman was on line as the images show and he had perfect vision.

'I am certain that Mr Hansson (the referee) was in contact with the fourth official and to those who were looking at the images in slow motion.

'Why, when he understood that he had made a mistake, did he not change his mind? I think the time has come to have tv replays for these extreme cases. In 30 seconds you avoid colossal errors.'

Trapattoni had harsh words for the referee. 'FIFA has done a great job,' he said. 'For France v Ireland, you needed a top referee, instead they have sent a Hansson nobody.'

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